Amanda Lee is a multi-disciplinary professional with over 23 years of experience in the contaminated land industry. Amanda is a highly motivated and resourceful individual who provides practical and pragmatic solutions to complex issues. She has a proven track record of delivering programs on time, within scope, and meeting or exceeding client expectations.

She has a diversity of experience in both the private and public sector and has an excellent understanding of the key factors that drive decisions including profit and policy considerations. Amanda has worked within a number of teams and has provided leadership, training and mentoring to a range of technically diverse individuals, helping both the teams and individuals within them achieve success. She has experience in roles of contestability to improve efficiency and effectiveness of government program outcomes.

Amanda has worked on numerous human health and ecological risk assessments for a diverse range of clients.

Amanda is an accredited New South Wales and Victorian Contaminated Land Auditor appointed by the respective Environment Protection Authority. She is also accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) as an assessor for chemical testing.

Angela Ruthenberg has 13 years experience working as an environmental consultant on contaminated sites. Her experience has been gained working on a range of manufacturing, industrial, food and beverage, petrochemical and residential sites for a variety of private and public sector clients.

Angela’s primary area of expertise is the preparation of human health risk assessments (HHRA). Angela is a technical leader and educator in the assessment of vapour migration. Her experience in human health includes the detailed evaluation of exposure using a range of field investigation and modelling techniques and evaluation of toxicology relevant to the evaluation of risk for a variety of land use scenarios.

Her technical knowledge and practical experience includes phase I and phase II site investigations of both organic and inorganic contaminants; intrusive investigations; groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling; and soil vapour and sub-slab installation and sampling.

Angela is also an experienced site auditor technical expert support member which highlights her knowledge of regulatory legislation and guidelines.

Ben Hunter has 11 years of experience in environmental remediation, ranging from a complex groundwater through to bulk earthwork soil remediation sites for a diverse range of clients.

Ben has extensive experience with legacy and complex contamination such as per and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) delivering the first successful large scale soil stabilisation remedial program in Australia.

Ben has planned and executed bio-remediation projects which have reached auditor approval and sign-off. Ben’s experience has been leveraged across a number of programs with clients identifying his skills in on ground and stakeholder management and engagement.

Ben has participated in research programs looking at immobilisation of soil with various amendments for PFAS as well as emulsified vegetable oil and sodium lactate injection aiding bioremediation for chlorinated solvents. 


Braiya White has 4 years experience working as an environmental consultant in the field of hydrogeology.  Braiya has been responsible for the preparation of technical hydrogeological reports, groundwater management plans and environmental impact assessments. She has also undertaken site-specific  investigations and remediation risk assessments for groundwater contamination projects, as well as periodic compliance reporting for client site management.

Braiya is an auditor assistant  for the Lucas Heights Industrial Waste Collection Facility in NSW, and a clay target shooting club located in Wangaratta, Victoria impacted by lead and PAH contamination.

Braiya has assisted in the development and construction of numerical groundwater models for resource extraction and contaminated land projects and investigations.

Braiya has a thorough understanding of environmental law and policy, recently completing studies focusing on national and international environmental law.

Thomas Lancaster is a recent graduate of UNSW completing a bachelor degree in civil and environmental engineering.

Thomas was a Transport for NSW Scholar and participated in their graduate program from 2018-2021.

Thomas completed a research thesis looking at factors which impact the reductive defluorination of PFAS. 

Thomas is assisting as an auditor assistant on a number of audits in NSW and is participating in water resource field programs.

Thomas has undertaken the HAZWOPER 40- hour course run by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


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