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Amanda Lee - Contaminated Land Auditor

Amanda Lee is a multi-disciplinary professional with over 26 years of experience in the contaminated land industry. Amanda is a highly motivated and resourceful individual who provides practical and pragmatic solutions to complex issues. She has a proven track record of delivering programs on time, within scope, and meeting or exceeding client expectations.

She has a diversity of experience in both the private and public sector and has an excellent understanding of the key factors that drive decisions including profit and policy considerations. Amanda has worked within a number of teams and has provided leadership, training and mentoring to a range of technically diverse individuals, helping both the teams and individuals within them achieve success. She has experience in roles of contestability to improve efficiency and effectiveness of government program outcomes.

Amanda is an accredited New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland Contaminated Land Auditor appointed by the respective Environment Protection Authority. She is also accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) as an assessor for chemical testing.

Ben Hunter - Environmental Remediation

Ben Hunter has 13 years of experience in environmental consulting and remediation. Ben is passionate about remediation and has experience which ranges from complex groundwater remediation through to large bulk earthworks programs for a diverse range of clients.

Ben has extensive experience with legacy and emerging contaminants  such as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) delivering the first successful large scale soil stabilisation remedial program in Australia. Ben currently provides strategic and technical advice to  Air Services Australia on PFAS remediation as part of their national PFAS remediation program.

Ben has planned and executed bio-remediation projects which have reached auditor approval and sign-off. Ben’s experience has been leveraged across a number of programs with clients identifying his skills on the ground and his stakeholder management and engagement.

Jacinta McInnes has over 12 years of experience conducting human health and ecological risk assessments, Preliminary Site Investigations and Detailed Site Investigations and as an Auditors assistant across industrial, residential and commercial sites in Australia.

Jacinta has a PhD in Applied Chemistry and is currently teaching at RMIT University as a sessional academic in the Bachelor of Environmental Science, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Engineering providing mentorship for new graduates entering the environmental sector. 

Jacinta is highly motivated and has a passion for continual learning and study. She has a wide range of experience in communicating technical content to a variety of audiences. 

Serena Thomas - Contaminated Land

Serena Thomas is an environmental scientist with 6 years of experience, strong pattern recognition skills and a keen eye for detail. She enjoys all things data and eagerly seeks ways to improve, innovate and increase efficiency in delivery.

Over the last six years, Serena has achieved successful outcomes for a variety of clients in the assessment and management of contaminated land. Her primary areas of expertise include the delivery of Phase I and Phase II site investigations and the provision of data management support, particularly for large projects. She has also acted as an Auditor’s Assistant for various sites across Australia. Serena’s commitment to understanding what her clients want and need is reflected in her high-quality work.

Serena currently supports the SAGE team across project planning and delivery, and is currently delivering human health risk assessment and impact assessments across Australia.

Mia Tagell is an undergraduate environmental scientist who is currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Mia currently supports the SAGE team in overseeing the functioning of the quality systems and providing support to project management.

Mia currently provides support to Audits with reviews of data quality and validation. 


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