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Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

SAGE Environmental Services has the experience and ability to undertake Environmental Site Assessment and remediation projects.  In accordance with the national contamination assessment framework, SAGE can prepare Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) reports, and Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) reports for the purpose of understanding the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) which can be used to inform management decisions in regards to managing risk associated with contamination.

On Sites where remediation is required, SAGE can develop and deliver Remediation Action Plans (RAP).  Where applicable, SAGE can utilise in-house risk assessment capabilities to develop site-specific remedial goals to inform remediation and validation works, allowing tailored remedial works programs that are specific to each land parcel.

SAGE offer a broad range of services that compliment Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation programs including: Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, Groundwater Modelling and Plume Mapping, Health Impact Assessments supporting the Environmental Impact Statement process, Independent Verification and Advisory Services.


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